Safety First: 3 Concerns For Property Investors

All business ventures come with risks: product failures, lost investments, and data breaches among so many others. For those who choose to invest in real estate, however, the worst case scenarios can be much more dire. Irresponsible landlords not only risk their investments but can endanger others through their negligence. …continue reading →
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The Only Types of Consultants Worth Patronising

When the permanently employed staff of any company really sneaks a peek into the world of consultants and their consultation jobs, each of those employees perhaps wishes they may have been consultants who get paid on a per-contract basis as opposed to often feeling like they’re doing a lot more work for a lot less pay. Yes, the truth is consultants do earn more than permanently employed staff which in some instances does the exact same job as the consultant, but the scales balance out a bit because consultants don’t get to enjoy the same employee benefits a permanently employed staff member does.…continue reading →
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How to Get More People to Register for Your Business Event

After putting time and effort into your business event, it would be heartbreaking to have low attendance. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for business owners to experience this. …continue reading →
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A Beginner’s Guide to A Paperless Office

American companies waste $8 billion annually just managing paper. The numbers speak for themselves:
  • Filing a document costs about $20.
  • Finding a misplaced document adds up expenses of $120.
  • Replacing a lost document costs an average of $220.
Reducing the amount of paper in your company can help you to cut down costs while making communication between departments easier and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, as you get rid of all that clutter, you can reorganize your offices to improve working conditions for your employees.…continue reading →
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Business advice to ease international expansion

If you are running your own business and experiencing success, then it is an exciting time. As a successful entrepreneur, you should certainly enjoy any rewards that your hard work and talent have brought about. For many businesses that have hit market saturation in their home country, expanding overseas is the next logical step. However, this does not mean that it is easy or will bring about instant success. …continue reading →
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Everybody Needs a Leg-Up in Business

Well it’s perhaps true about life in general as well because if you come to think of it you get a leg up from your parents mainly as you grow through the various stages in your life, but it definitely applies in business that everybody needs a leg up. I’m going to hit you with a cliché and say that no man is an island as that rings true in business. You simply need others to succeed so it’s important to formulate good relationships with as many people as you can.…continue reading →
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Is Your Star Employee Retiring? Here’s What You Should Do

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your star employees and important partners will be in your business forever. Unfortunately, the day may come when they decide to retire or leave the business for other opportunities—and the news may come when you least expect it. How you handle the next steps may affect your future professional relationship, the survival of your business, and even the perceptions of your other employees.…continue reading →
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Embracing the Natural Size of Lifestyle Businesses

If you’re already established or indeed if you’re a budding entrepreneur then I suppose it’s only fitting that shows such as Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank would be amongst some favourite sources of inspiration and motivation. In addition to it just being a lot of fun to watch people you in a sense can relate to and aspire to, when the ball is rolling then such shows can be very educational to anyone running their own operation.…continue reading →
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3 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence and Find Business Success

When you look at the most successful individuals in your industry, you’ll find that they all possess a high level of confidence. But have you ever wondered whether confidence leads to success, or if success creates confidence? In most cases, it’s a little bit of both.…continue reading →
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The Five Worst Things That Can Happen to Your New Product Launch

As the build up to your product launch reaches fever pitch you may start to feel a bit nervous about what will happen. While you will want to stay positive and upbeat at this important time, it is also worth putting some thought into some of the things that can go wrong too. In this way you will be prepared for whatever comes your way.…continue reading →
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