How to Find the Right Employees with the Right Skills

The good news is the world’s economy has largely recovered from the most recent economic downturn. The bad news is lower unemployment is making it more difficult for companies to find the employees they need, particularly in more specialised fields. Attracting enough workers with the right expertise can be a huge challenge and the inability to find those workers can hurt companies. Unfilled positions can slow company growth, lead to problems with customers, or result in burnout for existing workers. Here are ways to find the employees you need, regardless of the type of business. …continue reading →
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Adopting a Nothing-to-Lose Attitude to Get Ahead

Sometimes the difference between resounding success and spectacular failure in the world of business is the attitude and that’s the truth, even though I can hear your eyes rolling around in your sockets as you begin to think about dismissing this post as another one of those motivational mumbo-jumbo messages.…Keep reading
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How To Be Safe When Selling Your Home

If you’re planning to or are already in the process of selling your home, you probably have quite a bit on your mind and safety and security might not be at the top of your priority list, but they should be. Whether you are selling your home by owner, or a realtor is selling it for you, during this time there can be big safety risks you and your family face, and it’s important to be aware of these risks, and take steps to avoid them.…continue reading →
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Four Reasons to Consider Passphrases Over Passwords

You already know about passwords, but you might not have heard about passphrases. Simply put
  • A password is usually composed of around 10 letters and symbols. They are usually random, for example: ‘SVP0RTTR3!’
  • A passphrase is longer, containing spaces between words. They are usually random but readable, for example: ‘The fox ironing needs to be done by Shrove Tuesday’.
So, why should you think about using passphrases instead of passwords?…continue reading →
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Foolproof Ways a Small Business Can Stay Afloat Amid Stiff Competition

Small businesses have been given the chance to compete with business giants, and despite stiff competition a lot of them still stay on top of their game and continue to provide exceptional products and services that are on a par with industry standards. But not every small business is lucky. There are several things that cause their early demise, which can be prevented if only small business owners are armed with the right know-how and strategies to flourish in their industries.…continue reading →
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Business Travel: How To Eat Healthy On The Road

Traveling for business is a regular part of many professional lives.  It is great for the body to get out of the office on occasion, but the way most people eat while they are traveling negates any healthy movement a business trip may require.  continue reading →
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How to Tackle Your Debt Problems

When facing debt problems, it’s important not to suffer in silence. Financial worries will most likely bring you unnecessary shame, as you probably don’t want your loved ones to know your current circumstances. However, wiping on a smile and pretending to both yourself and the world that it’s not happening…Keep reading
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5 Tips for Selling an Expensive Product

Although cost isn’t the number one factor buyers consider when purchasing a product, it’s a high priority. For that reason, people often hesitate when purchasing a highly valuable product.…continue reading →
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How To Make The Most Money As A Rideshare Driver

When you’re a rideshare driver you want to make the most of your time and that means not having a lot of down time. This side gig only make sense if you are making decent money while you’re in your car, and that includes doing the most rides in the least amount of time.…continue reading →
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General Data Protection Regulation

The new legislation that finally applied to all businesses and organisations on the 26th May 2018, but many businesses still haven’t correctly prepared for the onset of the law.…continue reading →
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