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How Do You Get a Business Loan?

Business loans are currently among the most popular forms of commercial financing available to entrepreneurs seeking to begin a new business. Yet the decision of whether or not to apply for such a business loan is an important decision to be taken gingerly, and certainly not one to be taken…Keep reading
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Top Accommodation Preferences for Business Travellers

Business travelers are undeniably quite a different “breed” to every other type of traveler, mostly because they usually have the luxury of being able to spend more on their accommodation. This is true mostly because they often have some kind of business expense account to draw on, or they’ll be…Keep reading
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Ballast Associates Is Alternatives to Debt Consolidation Loans

Have a whole lot of debt, that you want to pay off? A debt consolidation loan may be a superb choice for you. How do you receive a debt consolidation loan? We asked the experts to find the best types of loans for consolidating debt to all people with poor…Keep reading
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Small Business Loans: What Are Lenders Looking For?

If you’ve never approached a lender before in the hopes of obtaining a small business loan, the process can seem a bit overwhelming. But once you understand what the lender wants from you, it becomes easier to grasp.…continue reading →
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4 things you need to know about taking a loan to start your own business

Are you excited about starting your own business but you don’t have the budget to do so? Is your low Credit Score affecting your financial decisions? Or you simply spent too much this month and your salary alone can’t even cover the expenses? Most of the times we find ourselves in need for a loan, and the idea of starting a business by ourselves seems impossible and almost frightening. But there’s still hope! In this era of consumerism, even the loan institutions and banks take their time to hear the voice of their customers, so from the variety of options they offer, you will most definitely be lucky enough to find the one which better suits your needs! Of course, there are a lot of things you need to know before taking a loan that can help you achieve your goals. Let’s talk about some of them!…continue reading →
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What is a consolidation loan and is it right for me?

There are many ways to take control of personal debt, from debt management and negotiation right through to more serious solutions such as bankruptcy. One way to ease financial problems is to take out a consolidation loan. So, what is a consolidation loan and is it right for everyone? To…Keep reading
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