The debt problem – how much do you owe?

Over a third of Brits have no clue about how much they owe on credit cards, according to worrying new research. They are also in the dark about what interest rates they are being charged, which means that many will be in for a rude awakening when they next check…Keep reading
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7 Ways To Cut Costs But Still Live Large

As a whole, humans are incredibly inefficient creatures. I’m including myself, you, and most people in this assessment to make it fair. Did you know that heavy drinking costs employers $220 billion a year in lost productivity while its cousin, hangovers, cost a similar $160 billion in workplace productivity? In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that we’re built to be inefficient - we’re built to find the laziest solution that adequately solves a problem and not necessarily the most optimal one.…continue reading →
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Half of us are struggling to cope with a long term debt problem

A survey has unveiled the chilling economic realities for Britons today. It showed that nearly half of us feel that we are not able to cope on our current income levels. The survey was conducted by the consumer group 'Which?' and it makes for very alarming reading. The findings also…Keep reading
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