Half of us are struggling to cope with a long term debt problem

A survey has unveiled the chilling economic realities for Britons today. It showed that nearly half of us feel that we are not able to cope on our current income levels. The survey was conducted by the consumer group 'Which?' and it makes for very alarming reading. The findings also…Keep reading
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5 Ways to Trim Your Budget Without Losing Out on Things You Love

Often, budgeting articles and financial professionals will tell you that if you want to reach your savings goals as quickly as possible, then the first thing you'll need to do is cut down on all the "little luxuries" in your life that you can do without. While it's true that…Keep reading
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Most Effective Tips for Handling Personal Finances

The issue surrounding your personal finances is one of the most controversial there are out there. Why? Well, because it’s something that the majority of people are doing for the majority of their life (since they’ve got their first allowance), at least to some degree, yet, they still aren’t that…Keep reading
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Cashless Mediclaim Policy: Understanding the Fine Details of Your Policy

Medical insurance is essential for every homeowner, especially considering the rising cost of healthcare. However, as important as it is, buying medical insurance is a complex task. Before you select a policy for yourself, you should be aware of its details in fine print. This will help you in protecting yourself from unpleasant surprises at the time of the claim. Let’s learn about the fine prints of the popular cashless Mediclaim policy.…continue reading →
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Smart ways to manage multiple loans – Stay at the pink of your financial health

Loans are something inevitable when you deal with your regular finances. There are times when you may fall short of cash but you have a big expense to meet at that time. Personal loans are the safest alternative to take resort to during such situations. While there are personal and…Keep reading
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The Difference between Enjoying Your Money and Being Unnecessarily Wasteful

It’s another one of those traps just waiting to engulf the unsuspecting entrepreneur, that being wasting your money in the name of “enjoying your money.” There’s a stark contrast between enjoying your money and unnecessarily wasting it and being able to make that distinction comes down to knowing thyself! The…Keep reading
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4 Tips For Improving Your Family Finances

Most families are still feeling the impact of the Great Recession. Only 51 percent of Americans said in a recent poll that they believe their households to be financially secure. That means a huge number of families are worried about money, bills, and all the other financial things that make up their day-to-day lives, including the following:…continue reading →
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