How will bad credit impact your well being?

There are times when you have to rise up to an unexpected financial crunch and since you are caught unawares, you cannot find a way out but to take refuge in quick fixes and short cuts so that you can tide over the crisis. However, there are also times when you become financially irresponsible by choice and this is when the trouble starts and you gradually find yourself slipping into a vicious cycle of debt.…continue reading →
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Active versus Passive Spending and Their Effects

As someone who has basically had no choice but to make a success out of my business endeavours I think I’m in a pretty good position to speak about just how hard it can be. You spend a lot of time chasing income-generation channels only to find that it’s not quite how you imagined it would turn out, but you have no choice but to keep on going.…continue reading →
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4 Things to Remember About Taxes as a Small Business Owner

If you’ve started a business, you’ve probably been focused on things like finding capital, raising profits, and improving your reputation. But don’t forget about taxes and all the obligations that come with it. Taxes are unavoidable, and it’s important to understand that the decisions you make now will significantly impact how much you owe at the end of the year.…continue reading →
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4 Tips For Improving Your Family Finances

Most families are still feeling the impact of the Great Recession. Only 51 percent of Americans said in a recent poll that they believe their households to be financially secure. That means a huge number of families are worried about money, bills, and all the other financial things that make up their day-to-day lives, including the following:…continue reading →
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How Banking Fees Are Ruining Your Business Finances

Having a trusted relationship with a bank is supposed to help individuals and businesses save money and make better financial decisions, but if you have a business bank account, you may have noticed the opposite effect. That’s because many banks impose extensive fees just to use their services. In order to keep your business finances on track, then, you’ll have to learn to navigate these fees and expenses so that banking services don’t become a loss leader.…continue reading →
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How To Maximize Your 401K

When you are day trading on the side and you have a civilian job, one of the great benefits is having a 401K plan. You can have a safe, boring investment vehicle as a backup to your chase for volatility. Day trading is all about the search for volatility in order to make quick profits, but it is nice to have a more stable and secure cache of money to stabilize your financial life.…continue reading →
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5 Ways to Survive a Financial Business Emergency

Business owners are well aware that being prepared is the name of the game. And while you may be ready to deal with any problem that may arise, even the most prepared business owners can be blindsided by a financial emergency. While you’re likely stressed and panicking, the good news is that you can survive this financial business emergency. Once it’s over, you’ll want to do what you can in the future to be prepared, just in case.…continue reading →
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Understanding tax law

Everyone should know the basics of tax law, whether you are a business owner or an employee. Most people are aware that you get into serious trouble if you dodge paying taxes, which is incentive enough to follow the law. If you are fascinated by the many aspects of tax law, you might consider a career in the field. The following is an overview on what tax law involves and how you can get into an exciting tax law career.…continue reading →
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How to Tackle Your Debt Problems

When facing debt problems, it’s important not to suffer in silence. Financial worries will most likely bring you unnecessary shame, as you probably don’t want your loved ones to know your current circumstances. However, wiping on a smile and pretending to both yourself and the world that it’s not happening…Keep reading
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Money Worries

Do you need help managing debt

It is easy for debt to get the better of you, but there is help at hand. A debt management is one option that is available to those who are in debt, but is it the right solution for you? There are many factors to consider before entering into any…Keep reading
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