Traveling for business is a regular part of many professional lives.  It is great for the body to get out of the office on occasion, but the way most people eat while they are traveling negates any healthy movement a business trip may require.  

The first thing people think of when it comes to eating food on the road is fast food.  Fast food is terrible for a person’s energy levels and their sodium intake, among other things.  No one wants to feel sluggish and bloated on a business trip.  Take a second to read through this short summary of a few helpful tips towards eating healthy on the road.

Eating healthy on the fly begins at home

Before ever setting out on a business venture, pack a food bag.  Fresh fruits, nuts, fresh cut veggies like carrots and celery, and peanut butter will give a healthy start to a successful business trip.  

Healthy eating also begins where travelers choose to stop.  If a person chooses to stop at a fast food restaurant, their options will me much more limited than if they take the time to find a nearby grocery store.  It really does not take much more effort to eat fresh food as opposed to processed, fatty foods sold by big food chains.  

Eating less food more often helps boost metabolism

Snack the whole way through the trip.  Snacking on small, healthy portions of fruits, nuts, or vegetables will keep the body satisfied.  When the body stays satisfied, it will boost metabolism and energy.  

We all know how boring days of business meetings can get when we already feel a bit sluggish.  Eating smaller portions more often throughout the day will keep the body’s engine running smooth, and the mind sharp.  

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Protein is essential to the body’s function

Protein to the body is like gas in a car.  The body needs protein to function properly.  Proper protein intake will stabilize blood glucose levels and enhance cognitive functions, so eat those eggs at breakfast.

Food that should be avoided on the road

There are a few foods that should simply be avoided altogether while traveling.  

  • Simple carbs such as fruit juice, soda, or other sugary snacks.
  • Any food that has been deep fried.
  • Nonfat, packaged desserts or sweeteners are loaded with harmful chemicals
  • Avoid drinking in excess.  More than two or three beers is too much.

Drink lots of water while traveling

Our bodies are composed mainly of water.  We need water for every bodily function.  Water flushes our bodies of harmful toxins, refreshes the skin, and helps satiate appetite.  Drinking plenty of water while traveling is essential, as it will help stave off jet-lag, heat or sun exposure, and even junk-food cravings.  

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