Today, most people prefer to earn money from the equity in their property. The Sell & Stay model is the perfect solution for them to remain in their home even if they cannot get approved for a home equity line of credit or a reverse mortgage. You can unlock the full equity of the property by selling your home and lease it back.

It is useful for people who have bad credit and don’t want to move. It is even a way to enjoy a better lifestyle. For seniors who aren’t planning on leaving their home to loved ones, it’s a great alternative to a reverse mortgage. You can live in the home very comfortable and have the equity in your bank account. It’s an exciting solution that provides extra benefits for people in certain financial situations. It also provides a great housing option for the seniors. It is a reliable option for the homeowners to get back the home equity to take pleasure in better life.

Enjoy more freedom in your life:

The sale & leaseback option is a great alternative for people to stay in their home while gaining the equity of the home.  It’s also a less expensive option as you fully utilize the equity in your property and may even get a great rate for renting it back. It’s a simple financial solution designed for the seller to live in their home as a tenant. You can avoid paying a commission to a real estate agent, and you get the cash without relocating. There are lots of benefits present in this solution.

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Unlock and utilize your home’s equity:

There are several factors you should be concerned with when it comes to the sell and stay option. You can qualify for the sell and stay agreement in any financial situation as you will have the cash to rent it and the buyer of your home can make decisions based on the amount of equity you will gain from the sale.

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