Properly maintaining your car can cost a lot of money and consume a lot of your time, which is why most drivers avoid taking in their car for scheduled servicing. Unless there’s something specifically wrong with your car most car owners would rather wait for something to happen before they take their car to the garage. To solve this problem, we have put our heads together to come up with a few hacks that can save you space, time and money in the long run it done properly.


If you are used to changing your oils you’ll probably hate the fact that the oil spills onto your hands and can stain surrounding surfaces.  To prevent spills when draining your oil, you can invest in an oil changing system, this equipment helps you avoid going under the car to drain the oil.

Tyre Pressure

Having the correct tyre pressure is a legal requirement in most countries and require constant monitoring. Most modern cars are fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system so it has become easier for drivers to recognize when their tyres need inflating or deflating. For the rest of us with older cars, and no way of telling the exact tyre pressure, it might be a clever idea to invest in a tyre pressure valve caps. It is handy when it comes to tyre pressure because they can be fitted onto your tyres easily and because they are so small you don’t have to sacrifice space. It’s worth remembering that because tyres come in varied sizes so you should know what size caps you require.

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Scratches and Dents

Even a tiny scratch or dent on your car can be a massive pain, not only does getting it out cost money but it is also time consuming. If you spot any minor scratches on your car, use nail polish that matches to gently color over the scratch. For dents on the body of your car you can use a plunger to suck out the dent. Simply place the plunger over the dent and pull until it pops out.

Truck Organizer

Your trunk is one of the messiest places in your car and if you have kids it can get some much worse, to avoid things rolling in the trunk while your drive, you can use a shower caddy to keep everything organized and in place so that you can concentrate on driving.

Seat Organizer

If you plan on driving with children, then you’ll probably need a back-seat organizer. Attach a shower caddy onto the back of the seat and then place all your items into the individual compartments. If you are planning a long trip with the kids then you should probably consider filling the caddy with snacks and some sort of entertainment.

Cracked Windshield

If you notice a cracked windshield you are better off addressing this immediately instead of waiting and allowing it spread or shatter. As soon as you notice a crack you should apply a layer or nail polish on both sides of the windshield, doing this extends the life of the windshield until you can replace it.

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