Owning your own holiday home can be exciting. Not only does it make holidaying abroad cheaper and more convenient, but it can save you money and give you the freedom to holiday how you want to. However, running a home away from home can be expensive, and many people choose to rent out their holiday homes and apartments to travellers to bring in extra cash. If you’re looking to do the same, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know.

Take some photographs 

Before you do anything, make sure that you take some high-quality photographs of your property so that you can promote it online. You don’t need to hire a photographer or splash out on an expensive camera – just use your smartphone and take some pictures in broad daylight. Sainsbury’s Home has put together a great guide to making your home look more photogenic, with tips including decluttering and telling the best possible story.

Use an estate agent 

You may think that estate agents will be expensive and take the biggest slice of the pie, but you can find reputable companies to promote your property and generate an income for you. If you have a Monaco property, then consider an estate agent such as Icon Property to do the hard work for you and find clients who are willing to pay big money for your home. What’s more, when you choose to work with an estate agent, you don’t have to worry about finding travellers and tenants – everything is handled for you, giving you more time to relax.

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Tweet about it 

Social media has transformed the way that we interact with friends and businesses – but it can also be used to help you sell your home. Put up a post on Facebook and tweet out pictures of your holiday property, letting people know that it’s available for rent. Ask your friends to share your posts, and you could find connections that are willing to book your place for a week in the sun. Remember to stay safe online – don’t post your holiday home address or personal information that could encourage robberies or scams.

Design a website 

If you have more than one holiday property, or you want to rent yours out for long periods of the year, then consider designing and building your own website. By listing your bespoke, luxurious property online and marketing it effectively, you could turn your holiday letting into a side business and generate healthy returns. Creative Bloq’s guide to designing your own website could prove useful here – you don’t need to spend more than £50 building and hosting your website, and the potential returns could be huge!

There you have it – just some ways in which you can advertise your holiday home to the general public. Before you do, remember to set strict guidelines for lettings and travellers, and take out the appropriate insurance policy to cover you if anything goes wrong.

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