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If you enjoy cooking, entering the catering industry might just be a good idea. After all, there are just so many people who managed to make their entrepreneurial dream come true by starting their own catering business and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same. But what exactly do you need to launch a small catering business? Read on to find out.

Cooking tools

No matter what kind of cooking you plan to do, you’re going to need a lot of cooking tools. We’re talking about things such as knives, spatulas, oven mitts and anything else you can use while preparing food for your clients. Just bear in mind that this is something you shouldn’t cheap out on as quality matters quite a lot in the catering industry.

Pots and pans

Obviously, you’ll also need pots and pans you’ll prepare food in for your clients. This is where you might want to think about going for stainless steel. This material is hard to scratch, which means you don’t have to worry about your cooking equipment wearing off over time. Also, don’t forget that you’ll need all kinds of pots and pans including sauce pots, crockpots, fry pans, etc.


You can’t start a catering business without refrigeration. And chances are a regular-sized fridge simply won’t be able to do the job. Instead, what you need is a commercial-size refrigerator, as well as a chest freezer. This, however, depends on the amount you’re catering but it really makes sense to invest in these even before you get your first catering event.

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Running a catering business without an oven is simply impossible. That’s why one of your first major investments needs to be a quality oven. If you want to make sure you have everything your new business needs, getting a Bosch range is recommended. What’s so great about these is that they’re extremely easy to use and clean, which is something you need to keep in mind when choosing your equipment.

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People are now into healthy food and you need to make sure you can juice fruit for your clients. And to be able to do this, you’ll need a good blender. Just like with the rest of your equipment, the one you have in your kitchen right now, might not be enough and you’ll probably need to get a few new ones. If you decide to do this, investing in quality is a must.


Unless you’re willing to do all the dishes yourself on a daily basis, getting a good dishwasher is something you need to do. It may seem like an appliance you can work without but bear in mind that you’ll probably be exhausted after pulling off a big catering event and you won’t have enough energy to wash dishes. Luckily, finding a big dishwasher for your business shouldn’t be tough.

Coffee and tea machine

Serving coffee and tea is a big part of running a catering business. So, besides the equipment you’ll use to prepare food, you’ll also need a coffee and tea machine. While getting a coffee and tea machine is an easy thing to do, you should also make sure you don’t forget about things such as cups and saucers.

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Serving equipment

No matter if your food tastes delicious, if you don’t put some extra effort into serving it, your catering business won’t be able to grow. That’s why you should consider getting serving trays and water pinchers for your staff to use. You’ll probably also want to get some extra bus tubs as you’ll have loads of dirty dishes to deal with at the end of each event you cater to.

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Transportation is another important thing you need to have in mind when starting a catering business. Whether you choose to buy or rent your catering van, you should make sure you invest in quality as the last thing you want to happen is your van breaking down just before you’re supposed to cater to an important client. Getting promotional stickers for your van is also a great idea.

With all of these things in your arsenal, you’ll be setting your catering business off to a great start. And who knows, you might just end up wading into the restaurant business once your catering startup makes enough money.

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