Owning your own business and finding success is often a dance. You’re making moves in multiple directions to try to please your customers. Offering a comfortable space where both employees and customers can feel comfortable is an important shift. It might require some updates to your existing space, but they would be worth the cost.

“I don’t think anybody today has a lot of extra money to throw around at a work space, but at the same time, they want to value their employees, they want people to be able to do their best work,” Elliot Felix, founder of the design and strategy consultancy Brightspot, told BizJournals.

If you’re looking to invest in your employees and provide a space where they can succeed, here are a few tips.

  1. Give It a Fresh Look

How long has it been since you painted your office or invested in new furniture? Drab office walls and outdated décor can drag your employees down and hinder productivity.

For an update, consider modern trends. Right now, pastel paint colors are very popular for office walls. This adds just enough color to add interest but doesn’t distract.

To update your waiting room, consider adding furniture from the regency era. It gives any office a more elegant, sophisticated look. Try it for your waiting room and let the compliments from eager customers begin.

  1. Embrace High-Tech Tools

“Technology has definitely altered commerce forever, and those that have made adjustments by adopting the newest tech trends are more likely to end up leaps and bounds ahead of their more traditional minded competitors,” says Daniel Newman of Forbes.

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There’s nothing wrong with having filing cabinets full of paper files, if you also have electronic backups. But if you haven’t embraced the cloud yet, you should. It’s been cited as the most secure way to store your files, and it will prevent data loss, one of the most significant potential losses to any industry.

There are also analytic, collaboration, and automated tools that can make every aspect of work easier. Research and choose several tools that will take away the grunt work and allow greater creativity.

  1. Add a Health Center

About 70 percent of illnesses and injuries in the workplace are preventable, according to research. Having a health-focused break room can reduce absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, and increase productivity. It can also reduce your employees’ risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

This so-called health center doesn’t have to be a full-blown gym with treadmills, circuit equipment, and a set of weights, but it can provide a healthy outlet for employees. Put a couple of treadmills or stationary bikes in a spare room, and provide healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables. The initial expense might seem high, but the overall financial impact will equate to savings.

  1. Think About Ergonomics

Having a health center in the workplace is smart, but it’s not the only way to encourage greater health and wellness in the workplace. Ergonomics throughout the space is vital to a healthier atmosphere.

Consider purchasing better office chairs from sites like https://www.officemonster.co.uk/office-chairs-1 for example. You could even try adding plants and fresh décor, letting in natural light, and adding furniture like adjustable-height desks. These small changes can improve the morale of your organization along with their health.

  1. Make It a Democracy Space
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Tyrannical spaces have zero flexibility. Employees must sit in certain spaces, and it’s not always conducive to a productive atmosphere. Creating a democracy space involves letting employees choose what working conditions are best for them.

“Similar to a healthy ecosystem in nature that is bio-diverse, create a range of spaces that support different types of work that people can choose to work from, regardless of where they fit within the organization’s hierarchy,” encourages John Small, director of Industrial Design, EMEA, Steelcase. “Large team meetings, small group conversations and private moments to focus all support the modern worker’s needs.”

  1. Hire for Personality

Many of the problems associated with a workplace stem from hiring the wrong people. Hiring for skill is important, particularly if the employee has a hard skill you need. But hiring the right personalities that fit your company model should be equally important.

As you screen employees, ask a few personalized questions. Consider how they’ll add to the dynamic of your workspace. Modern workplaces are all about working collaboratively, and too many clashing personalities will hinder this essential goal. 

Updating your workplace involves more than just changing the furniture. It’s about analyzing the company culture and making changes both internally and externally for the betterment of your organization. As you do this, you’ll generate a productive workspace where both employees and customers want to be.

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