You spend so much money, efforts and time unto establishing your brand. But despite that even a simple mistake that you may have unknowingly made, can prove to be lethal for your brand.   And when you are just starting out, the consequences can be even more serious than brands who have established themselves over the years.

Here are some of the most common branding mistakes which you should avoid at all costs.

1.     Not hiring an expert

An amateur designed logo can hurt your brand significantly. While you may feel that your graphics are fine, you should always seek the opinion of brand management companies like so that you can get an unbiased opinion.

2.     Not deciding a focal point

Every successful brand defines a focus for themselves.  For Pizza Hut, the focus was leadership, and for Domino’s, it was home delivery. Define a core focus, and ascertain that your marketing materials reflect the same.

3.     Not designing a strong visual

Many brands achieved success because they came with a visual that garnered attention, for instance, the contour bottle of Coca cola or the polo on every Ralph Lauren shirt. Before you launch your brand, design a visual element that reinforces your marketing strategies.

4.     Not ensuring consistency

Great, you’ve finalised your logos, colours and taglines after seeking independent opinions from third parties. Time to start using all these graphics on your marketing materials, propelled to your target audience through different channels.  Please make sure that your website, social media profiles, printed brochures, banners, contact cards and any other materials now sport the same design.

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If you aren’t consistent, your brand will appear to be unprofessional and less trustworthy. So ensure consistency across all platforms, and make sure your identity is the same everywhere.

5.     Not perfecting the copy

Copywriting is important in the digital marketing world, which is a major source of leads.  Brands often make the mistake of uploading and sharing poorly written content which doesn’t properly define their company or share their values with the target audience.

Your brand stands out when your content is unique and original, offering some value to your target audience. Whatever your unique selling point or USP is, make sure that your content reflects the same.

6.     Not focusing on consumer experience

A strong brand can be a huge edge in the industry, creating a positive perception amongst your consumers, and making it really easy for you to sell your products. But don’t make the mistake of perceiving your brand to only comprise of the logos, colours and product packaging. Your brand goes deeper than that, and ultimately, it is about the experience which your consumers face when engaging and buying from your company. Your brand is a story, a set of emotions  your consumers feel when they think of and use your products and services.

So when diving under a brand name, focus on quality and customer experience, improving it in any way you can.

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