Achieving success in your chosen career path can be admittedly difficult. If you desire a way to fast-track success, try meditation. Science supports meditation as a method of centering on your goals and becoming sufficiently focused to carry them through.

About 80 percent of successful people cite meditating as an essential exercise in their daily routine. Jennifer Anniston, Tom Hanks, Gabrielle Bernstein, Gisele Bündchen, Sheryl Crow, Tim Ferriss, Rick Goings, Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Scorsese, and dozens more have shared their experiences of how meditation helps them maintain their dream career.

Many people have a negative perception of it because they don’t fully understand it. They picture sitting cross-legged and humming for hours. But meditation doesn’t have to last long, and it doesn’t always involve sitting still.

You could do yoga, kneel in prayer, go for a walk outdoors, sit quietly at your office desk, or simply close your eyes in a crowded room. Even just 10 minutes of controlled breathing and focused thinking can make a significant difference in your path to success.

If you do it, you might recognize some of the biggest benefits of meditation for a more successful mindset:

  1. Expand Cognitive Function

According to The Gawler Cancer Foundation, meditation is like medicine for the mind. It makes focusing on a single aim easier and connects you to your inner creativity. It also helps you think critically, make decisions, maintain memory, and stay attentive when you talk with others.

A 2012 study performed by UCLA researchers revealed that meditating over several years makes the brain stronger. It helps the mind process information faster and people articulate their pathway to success better.

  1. Improve Stress
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Stress is common, especially when you’re in a demanding job. According to Statistic Brain, 33 percent of people say they live constantly with extreme stress, and 77 percent say they experience physical symptoms associated with it.

The top sources of stress in the U.S. are job pressure and financial problems. If financial stability and respect in your chosen field are goals, you’ve likely experienced your fair share of stress.

To resolve this problem, the Mayo Clinic explicitly recommends meditation. It can produce a state of relaxation, which, even if brief, can substantially reduce stress levels.

  1. Sleep Better

Sleep deprivation, like stress, is a major problem for Americans. In fact, the CDC has labeled insufficient sleep a public health concern. It estimates that between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders and insufficient rest.

Poor sleep can result from many factors, including stress and depression. Meditation is a known combatant for such negative phenomena. It helps to promote mindfulness, which empowers you to take care of the bigger issues that create sleep problems.

Meditation can’t cure sleep apnea or similar physical ailments, but it can help you reclaim control of your mind and drift off to sleep more readily.

  1. Boost Your Metabolism

Meditation alone won’t do anything for your metabolism, but it can promote a healthier, faster metabolism. As you meditate, you naturally tend to make healthier choices. You’re more likely to eat better, eat more regularly, and exercise, all of which encourage a faster-working metabolism.

According to a survey featured in Consumer Reports, 70 percent of psychologists recommend mindfulness and meditation as the most effective way to lose weight. It helps people work past the negative emotions that discourage weight loss and work toward a fuller and more joyful lifestyle.

  1. Higher Productivity
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Most people could benefit from higher productivity throughout the day. A study performed in 2012 by the University of Washington showed that meditation helps a person to work more effectively in high-stress and multitasking situations.

Subjects worked faster and more efficiently after they had spent time meditating. This study supported others that show regular meditation can help the brain shift from low activity to high gear an intense situation arises.

People are more likely to react quickly and think critically in difficult positions, so they get more out of their daily work environment and leave a better impression on their superiors.

If you want to be all you can be, mindfulness training can help get you there. You’ll learn more about yourself and your essential goals as well as the best approaches to achieve success.

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