Ready to sell your home?  Most sellers quickly find that before they can list their home, they need to make a range of improvements to attract potential buyers.  Whether you’re dedicated to the idea of selling your home on your own or enlist a realtor to assist you in the process, you’ll likely find a slew of improvements that need to be done.

That doesn’t just mean painting the walls or updating the ceiling fans. Curb appeal matters almost as much as location, especially when you are in a market where there are many homes available. If your home does not meet certain standards, the buyer will move on to the next one, or make you an offer that is nowhere near what you wanted.  In the worst cases, you’ll simply have no interaction with potential buyers.

Here are 5 must-do home improvement projects to tackle before you sell your home.


One of the first things that a potential buyer sees when they arrive at your home is the front yard.  What it looks like and how well it is kept will form their impression of how well you have cared for the rest of the home.

Before you sell, do these things:

  • Clean up debris, branches, weeds and leaves.
  • Remove old plants, and if needed replace them with new ones.
  • Trim trees.
  • Fertilize your lawn and green it up.
  • Add flowers and color where possible.

Cleaning up your landscaping will make a great first impression, and keep potential buyers interested.

Look Up

The next thing a savvy buyer will look at before they even enter your home is the roof, and so you should do the same before they get a chance to. Look for various common issues that often indicate a deeper problem and may pose an extreme threat to your property value.

  • Loose shingles.
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged gutters or drains.
  • Faded or loose shingles on the peaks or valleys of the roof.
  • Discolored patches.
  • Gravel like particles in gutters, drains, or on the ground outside them.
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These are all indicators of wear beyond what is normal. The roof can be an expensive repair, and if you don’t have the money to do it, consider roof repair financing options. A roof that has been repaired or replaced can not only make sure you get what you are asking for you home, but can add value as well.

Fixture Updates

One of the best things you can do for your home is to replace the old or outdated fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen. A new faucet can make even an old sink look new and more modern. Bathroom fixtures show a certain care for detail.

Replacing outlets, switches, and cover plates can also freshen up the look of your home, along with door and cabinet handles, light fixtures and covers, and other little fixture touches.

This attention to detail can be the difference between an average reaction and a wow on the part of the buyer. Your goal should be to wow them in every single room, every single time.

Painting and Touch Ups

If you have lived in your home for any length of time, you have done some damage to the paint, it has furniture marks on it, and there are holes and faded areas where you have hung photos, art, and other décor.

Sometimes this can be fixed with some spackle to fill holes and damaged spots, and some simple touch ups. However, more often than not, it means you need to repaint, at least in some rooms.

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In this case, you will want to be selective. Repaint the rooms that are most on display, and where people do the majority of their living. This means the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms should be first most of the time.

Carefully consider color choices. Although buyers may want to make changes once the home is theirs, the more warm and welcoming colors you use, the more likely they are to buy even if they intend to change them later.


Just as you look up to see the roof, you should also look at your flooring. Of course, you should look at this after you have completed any paining projects just in case. Carpets, vinyl, and tile all say volumes about how much you care for your home.

Old, worn carpet also often smells of pets (if you have them), and may be too dirty or stained to really ever be clean. While strategic placement of rugs can help, replacing flooring can add value to your home as well.

Look for chipped tiles, torn or scratched vinyl, and carpets that are unravelling or showing wear in traffic patterns. If they are beyond cleaning or repair, plan to replace them. If they can be restored and cleaned, have that work done before you list your home.

You want your home to be its best when you are ready to sell. Be sure to look at these 5 repairs when you are preparing your home, and you will save yourself embarrassing questions, get better and faster offers, and even add value to your home, netting you a greater profit.

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What did you do to improve the value of your home before listing it?  Share your story in the comments.

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