Being a successful investor is all about learning how to be calm under pressure, right?

After all, markets change at a moment’s notice and something that may have seemed like a “sure thing” can quickly go south. As such, it’s important that investors find ways to make themselves as comfortable as possible while they’re on the grind, especially when working from home.

Even if you only do a fraction of your business either remotely or at home, it’s crucial to set up a trading battlestation that fosters a sense of productivity. Rather than lose your focus or cool next time you need to make a crunch-time financial decision, consider the following five tips to setting up an amazing home office.

Set the Scene

First thing’s first: you need to set up a space where you’ll be happy to spend long hours and are able to focus accordingly. Although you may be limited as far as where you can realistically set up, try to stick to the following principles when it comes time to set up your office:

  • The quietest room in the house: you want to avoid any interruptions and likewise make sure that you can make calls at a moment’s notice if necessary
  • Make sure you’re not cramped: from a high-quality chair to a sizable desk, give yourself plenty of room for your gear
  • Don’t neglect your comfort: whether by blocking out the sun via blackout shades or having a dedicated desk fan, a comfortable, low-stress environment matters

The More Monitors, the Merrier

If you’ve been operating with a single monitor, it’s time for a serious upgrade. Although the jury may be out in terms of how many monitors you need at any given time, we’ve seen some home traders with as many as nine set up at their battlestations. It takes time to get used to a multi-monitor display, so perhaps add one extra to your arsenal now and invest in more later if you feel it be necessary.

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Mind Your Core Hardware…

Beyond monitors, the rest of your hardware can make or break your ability to be an effective trader. For example, you can’t afford to suddenly have your PC crash or lose connection when you’re just about to strike gold, are you?

Many traders therefore have a dedicated PC specifically for their investments, ensuring that they aren’t bogged with needless software that could slow them down.

…And Software

The amount of trading software options out there is absolutely staggering, but could potentially transform the way you trade if you’ve been taking a more traditional approach. Simply bear in mind that there is no “right” software to get started with.

In fact, some of the more complex solutions such as Wave59 might not make sense for newbies. When in doubt, try to something that meets your needs versus punching about your weight.

Don’t Forget the “Small Things”

Whether it be a coffee maker, dedicated water cooler or some snazzy pieces of artwork, don’t forget about the small amenities and touches of personality that’ll make your office feel more like “home.” After all, who says that you have to stare at a blank wall all day while you’re getting down to business?

Setting up your trading office doesn’t have to be rocket science. With this in mind, you can start trading from home sooner rather than later and feel awesome doing it.

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