Starting a wedding business can be one of the most rewarding paths into entrepreneurship you can take. Not only do you have the opportunity to start working in an incredible industry, but it’s also one in which you help others have a day they’ll remember forever. However, with how competitive the wedding field can be, breaking in can be hard. Here are a few tips to help you open your first wedding business.

Find Solid Solutions For Your Clients

If you’re going to be starting a wedding business, then finding the perfect solutions for your clients is going to be a must. Not only is it a big part of the planning industry, but something that will help you hold much more value in regards to receiving recommendations. However, building this network isn’t always the easiest thing, which is why it’s crucial you start with deciding which partners fit your strengths.

A big part of finding partners is that you need to assess where you provide value over your competitors. No matter if it’s knowing the best place to get a bridesmaid dress or which diet plan works well for stressed-out brides, the goal is to find ways to provide value. Additionally, it’s important to look at how current trends are looking in the wedding industry, as well as how you can accommodate them. For example, as noted by XO Group, custom guest entertainment has tripled over the years from 11 percent to 41 percent, which goes to show the value of having that option available. All-in-all, take your time on truly finding the right people, as this is one aspect you don’t want to overlook in laying out your foundation.

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Get Everything In Writing 

Another important aspect of starting any business is ensuring that you’re getting everything in writing. This is smart to protect yourself from any liability, as well as to give both sides a fair shake on the agreement. Because as noted by The Knot, with your average wedding costing around $35,329, it goes without saying that this is an expensive affair and one that no matter what aspect you’re helping out with, needs a sense of protection.

Come up with a solid list of places where your business has liability, as well as what type of contracts you might need to protect your services. Lawyer Aaron Kelly can help with producing automated contracts, especially if your business has a wide variety of services. Plus, no matter what type of service it is, with a contract in place, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting paid and a steady stream of work.

Social Will Be Your BFF 

If you’re going to be working within the wedding industry, then being active on social media will be crucial to your success. Not only is social media one of the primary ways that couples connect with wedding companies, but additionally discover them as well. In fact, according to Social Media Today, 40 million people currently use social media to plan their wedding. And if this is something that you’re not used to, then the number one thing you need to remember is engagement.

With social, the overarching goal of engagement boils down to two things: consistency and responsiveness. The first half of that is knowing what and when you’re going to post, which includes setting a calendar for posting, as well as supporting a variety of content. The second half is all about chatting with your customer base both on your own posts as well as others. Granted, this should feel intuitive once you get the hang of it, however, requires effort to engage with daily as a business’s social media behaves drastically different than your personal one. However, this is a huge place where the wedding industry interacts with one another and should be primary marketing for your business from the jump. 

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Don’t Forget About SEO 

Finally, as your business is only now getting started, hopping on your SEO opportunities is never a bad way to kick off. According to Search Engine Journal, 93 percent of online experiences begin with search, and if you can build towards that on a local level, that could be incredibly advantageous. And especially when considering how localized weddings are, this will be one practice where you could become the top competitor.

To begin, look at the current landscape for the wedding industry as well as what type of SEO keywords you could implement. For example, if I have a rustic barn near the Shenandoah Valley then owning the phrase “+barn+wedding+shenandoah+valley” would help set me apart from the rest. Granted a big part of this is using these phrases on your website, but with enough practice, this can be a great way to build your online reputation for the long haul.

What are you most excited about in regards to starting your first wedding business? Comment with your answers below!

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