If you’re looking into the eco-friendliness of bagging materials, you’ve probably realised the term covers a lot of ground. For example, some materials that are called eco-friendly aren’t biodegradable, which can be a problem. Here are just four reasons why you should always choose biodegradable bags when you can. 

1. No Toxins or Allergens

Most people only think about toxins and allergens when they’re looking at food or buying something that’s going to be in the home for a while. However, it’s also important to consider them when you’re looking at bagging options. Toxins are potentially harmful to the environment and people – for example, phthalates used in plastic packaging can have negative health effects.

2. Fewer Resources

Some materials are billed as eco-friendly simply because they are sustainably sourced or easy to recycle. However, you should also consider the resources required to make them. Biodegradable packaging will generally use less water and electricity while producing fewer emissions, making them less of a strain on the planet’s natural resources. 

3. Low Production Costs

Biodegradable materials can be made using fewer resources, can be reused, and can be recycled. This minimizes the cost of new materials, and any reuse or recycled will generally use very little in the way of energy and natural resources. We’ve actually seen plenty of businesses that invest in biodegradable packaging significantly cut their costs. 

4. Reduced FootprintWhether you’re running a small business or are at the head of a large enterprise, it makes sense to think about your business’ footprint. By investing in biodegradable bags instead of settling for something less eco-friendly, you’re reducing that overall footprint. It might seem like only a negligible action, but it makes you part of an overall move towards more sustainable business practices.

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