So, you’re planning an event?

There are many things you need to consider: health and safety, the venue/ location, food and drink, entertainment, and much more.

One thing that often slips under the radar during small events is the use of an event Wi-Fi to bring connectivity to everyone who attends your event.

Whether you are hosting a concert, an exhibition, a launch or a conference giving your audience’s/ customer’s access to the internet can have many benefits.

Remote Location Internet Access

Perhaps your event is going to be held in a remote location where there is no available data or it is held in a dip where signal seems to disappear?

Temporary Wi-Fi can give everyone a secure connection so that they can keep up to date with personal lives and let the world know about your event whilst it is happening.

People Love to Share What They’re Doing to Social Media

Everyone loves to share what they’re doing on social media platforms. Having an internet connection encourages people to share images, videos and updates of your event.

If you are hosting a small festival, it will more than likely be out in a field with very little data coverage or even none at all. With the addition of your own secure Wi-Fi, you can allow attendees to post in real-time about your event. This has the possibility of boosting the attendees for next time as word of the festival is being spread through digital platforms.

People Will View Your Event as Higher Quality

We are all guilty of it. You go to a restaurant and after you order your food you ask for the Wi-Fi, just for them to tell you that they don’t have any.

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Even if you don’t plan to use it, a restaurant that offers free Wi-Fi is always boasted to be better than one without.

Widens Your Customer Base

If you advertise that there will be Wi-Fi access at your event you are more likely to get more people coming through the door. Why? Because you are broadening the range of people who can attend.

Perhaps someone would like to attend but needs to do an hour of work a day on their computer or smartphone. Or perhaps someone really needs access to their emails or runs a social media campaign that requires attention every 2 hours.

If there is no Wi-Fi at your event, you are filtering out these kinds of people from your event – therefore limiting the variety of important people attending.

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