Like many new writers, you’ve decided to start a blog, but you don’t know what you want to blog about.  This isn’t new! After all, a successful blog isn’t just about writing about what you love, but also writing about what other people love too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have an audience.

Although you shouldn’t sound like you’re regurgitating the same blogs as everyone else, it helps to know what the best topics are. By aiming for content that’s known for being popular, you can increase your chances of grabbing an audience and convincing them to stick around.

Not sure what you want to write about yet? Take a look at some of the most popular topics out there according to top content writing services

Health and Fitness

There is a real market out there for nutrition and exercise. As the popularity of being healthy and fit continues to increase, the more that people are searching for the latest information on how to get in shape. 

Make no mistake about it; however, you’re not going to be fooling anyone if you’re overweight and holding a Big Gulp in your About Me photo. Make sure that you’re qualified to talk about health and fitness. Otherwise, you may want to consider adjusting your angle. Rather than being a health and fitness expert, you could be “on a fitness journey.


People love their sports, and there is no shortage of fans for any type of sport. If you have a passion for sports, then consider starting a blog about it. The more passionate that you are about your content, the more inspired you’ll be to create posts.

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If you’re a general sports fan, then your blog can go in a variety of directions. However, if you’re someone who is into a specific niche, then this can be even more promising since you may have less competition.


Do you love saving money and crunching numbers? People are always looking for ways to handle their money better or save dollars wherever they can.

If you have a talent for accounting, then consider sharing your knowledge with those who are looking for advice. You could write about anything from how to invest your money, what the best way to budget is, or how to save for your retirement. All of these sub-topics of finance are wildly popular. 


People love to talk about food! Besides finding out about the latest recipes, they also like to learn about the latest trends and where the hottest new restaurants are.

If you’re passionate about food, then sell yourself as the authority on the subject. The most popular food blogs tend to stick to a certain area of food, however, so consider aiming for a niche. Otherwise, you might get lost. 

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