The job market today is mainly candidate driven. This is because there are more jobs compared to candidates who can fill them. Given the competition, HR professionals have a tough time recruiting the best talent. To find the right fit for the company, the employer has to look beyond what is written in the candidate’s resume, and really try to judge their soft skills and potential. More than that, the employer has to make sure the candidate sees the company as the right fit for himself.

Attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent demands a strategic and well-thought-out plan. After all, only the right hire can push your organization closer to its goals, while the wrong hire can do just the opposite.

Let’s talk about four major challenges faced by recruiters during the hiring process, and what can be done to overcome them.

A lot of noise in the market

One of the greatest obstacles for recruiters is to cut through the noise of all the other 30 recruiters making efforts to reach out to the same candidate. In many industries, it is common to notice that the demand to fill up open positions is more than the supply. With so many recruiters going for the same candidate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure the right recruit for your company. In such a competitive environment, recruiters employing old-school hiring practices have a smaller chance of attracting quality applicants. Good candidates, with a high demand in the job market, are usually not very responsive to cold calling or emails. Recruiters have to do more in order to grab their attention.

Solution: The most important thing you should do is build your employer brand. Your employer brand is what potential employees see you as. The better it is, the more preference they’ll give to you and your company, over others. You can do this by marketing your content on social media. A well-known marketer Jay Baer once said ‘content is fire’ and ‘social media is gasoline’. You can easily use social media to bring awareness of your amazing recruitment related content like recent team awards, employee spotlight videos, behind-the-scenes and hot topics in the industry.

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‘No one applies for our job posts!’ syndrome

Are you going through such a situation? Yes? Did you try to find out why nobody applies for your jobs? It is high time you make efforts to find out why. Just by pasting or posting your job vacancies on a job board and simply waiting for applications to pour in, is not enough. You have to be more proactive.

Attract more candidates by offering employee referrals.

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Solution: Offering employee referrals is a good way to start. According to a research conducted by Bersin by Deloitte, 51 percent of employers have used referrals as the main source of hiring staff. Referrals are when you ask your current employees to refer their family, friends or anyone suitable they know to fill in a certain position. This usually comes with some monetary rewards for your employee. This not only helps recruit better candidates but also improves retention levels. Other ways you can increase applicant traffic include promoting your brand, re-engaging with previous employees and headhunting using social media.

Attracting candidates deciding between multiple offers

As already mentioned, the demand for talented candidates is more than the supply. This also means that candidates have the liberty to be more selective with their future employer. They usually have multiple offers at their disposal from which to choose from. Putting time and effort in selecting suitable candidates and then seeing them choosing some other recruiter over you can be frustrating. .This could mean that you not only lose the selected candidate, but also the ones you rejected. This leaves the recruiter with no other choice but to restart his recruitment search from scratch.

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Make interviews more interesting and a great experience for your potential candidates.

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Solution: What you can do is make the interview experience great, for your candidate. According to a research, the interview experience has the greatest influence on candidates when choosing from multiple offers. Make sure you don’t conduct your interview like standard interviews, where it feels like an interrogation. Make it more of an informal two-way conversation. It is also a great idea to ask someone from your senior leadership to converse with the most wanted candidate as candidates like meeting someone from the company’s senior leadership. You can also consider reviewing the overall structure of your careers site and the layout of individual pages.

Tenuous relationship with hiring manager

There are a number of issues that can come between recruiters and hiring managers which can make or break the hiring process. The most common amongst these is the communication gap. A study conducted by iCIMS highlights this relationship more clearly. The survey concluded that 51% of recruiters believe hiring managers ‘should do a better job communicating what they are looking for in a candidate’ and ‘provide relatable examples’ whereas 77% of hiring managers think that recruiters’ candidate screening is quiet ‘inadequate’.

Solution: This hiring process can be made more collaborative and less tense with your hiring manager. You can meet every now and then to prepare interview questions together, tweak criteria, decide on strategies to hire the highest quality candidate, and discuss requirements for the role. Communication is the key throughout the selection process. Hiring managers must take it upon themselves to sharpen their communication skills. You can strengthen this relationship by having in-depth discussions on issues like channels for sourcing candidates, application versus interview ratios, number of accepted applications and any other confusing aspects of the hiring process.

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Wrap up!

If you want to hire the right crowd and build a successful business, you need to re-evaluate and improve your current hiring processes. Focus on implementing smart hiring practices by constantly looking for new, innovative ways to recruit the right candidates. Studies have shown that companies who adopt latest technology and trends grow faster and have a much better chance of success than those who do not.

Communicate well with your potential candidates, keep them informed and provide an effective response to their inquiries. These practices are sure to increase the inflow of applicants and help you land the right fit for your company.


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Kiran Ajaz is a technical writer and publisher at EZOfficeInventory, which offers web based asset tracking software for businesses, enterprises and beyond. She is a guest writer and an MBA graduate. Kiran is enthusiastic about the way technology interacts with contemporary businesses and enables them to focus on core efficiencies.

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