Business travel isn’t something most of us enjoy. While it’s often necessary when running a business or trying to compete for clients, it frequently comes with tremendous stress. Much of this stress is rooted in the fact that there’s so much that can go wrong. Knowing how to handle these problems will help you have more enjoyable experiences on the road. 

4 Potential Problems You Should be Aware Of 

Not every business trip is a nightmare waiting to happen, but if you travel enough you’ll encounter your fair share of problems. Here are some common ones you should be prepared for. 

  1. Flight Delays and Missed Connections 

One of the most frustrating business trip problems has to do with flight delays and missed connections. While you can’t do much about flight delays, you do have some control over missed connections (at least in terms of reducing risk).

In order to avoid major problems with flight connections, always give yourself at least an hour and a half of cushion (as a rule of thumb) between the time you land and the time your next flight takes off. It’s also smart to book all legs of a flight on a single ticket; otherwise, neither airline is obligated to get you on another flight. 

  1. Lost Luggage 

Lost luggage is another frustrating issue. Not only does it set your schedule back and cause a bunch of logistical problems, but it also means you’re without your clothing and other important items you need when meeting with clients.

The best way to prevent lost luggage is to avoid checking baggage. If you only pack carry-on luggage, there’s virtually no risk of losing a bag. (This also makes your travel experience faster, since you don’t have to sit around at baggage claim.) 

  1. Rental Car Accident and Damages 
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Rental cars are nice, but there’s always the possibility of getting in an accident when you don’t know the vehicle or the roads. No matter how minor or major the accident, you need to proceed with caution.

  • “Try to remain calm and call 911. It is essential to contact the police immediately in the event of a car crash,” attorney Michael Abelson says. “Make sure not to leave the scene. The police will secure the area, will assist with emergency services, and will gather evidence and witness statements to help with any future legal proceedings.”

While the rental car company will have insurance on the vehicle, you should also contact your company’s HR department and determine what (if anything) needs to be done on your end.

  1. Lack of Communication 

One of the biggest problems with business travel is that you’re out of your comfort zone. Not only are you away from the office, but you’re dealing with increased levels of stress and fatigue. All of this combines to make communication a challenge.

In order to ensure communication is as smooth as possible, find a remote solution that helps you stay in touch with your team. Good options include Slack, Stride, and Wrike. The good thing about these apps is that they let you keep tabs on what’s happening back at the office, regardless of whether you’re in a meeting, sitting on an airplane, or grabbing dinner. For more in-depth conversations, you can schedule daily phone calls and video chats. 

Don’t Let a Problem Ruin Your Trip 

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If you aren’t careful, a small problem can become a major ordeal – an ordeal that pushes your business trip off track and ruins your chances of closing an important sale or delivering a significant presentation. By being prepared for potential pitfalls, you can make the most of your travels and get back home in one piece.

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