When you look at the most successful individuals in your industry, you’ll find that they all possess a high level of confidence. But have you ever wondered whether confidence leads to success, or if success creates confidence? In most cases, it’s a little bit of both.

Building Confidence to Drive Success 

“Most businesspeople, when I ask them which comes first, confidence or success, they usually reply success because they believe they need that big boost to get their confidence going,” says Jim Taylor, Ph.D. “But the problem with that reasoning is that you likely won’t achieve a substantial success (unless you get lucky) because, lacking confidence, you won’t take the risk of giving it everything you’ve got that is necessary for real success.”

In other words, while confidence is certainly a natural byproduct of success, it also fuels success. When you’re confident in yourself, you’re much more willing to take the actions necessary – including absorbing a large amount of risk – to achieve something meaningful.

As you look for ways to boost your self-confidence in pursuit of success, here are some practical steps you can take:

  1. Deal With Physical Flaws

As much as it sounds good to say you need to be comfortable in your own skin, the reality is that physical “flaws” often zap up confidence and hold us back from taking the steps we need to achieve success.

For men, balding is one of the biggest confidence-killers around. It has a way of making men feel old, unattractive, and inadequate. For women, a lack of clear skin often stymies confidence at an early age. The good news is that most physical “flaws” – including these two issues – can be remediated.

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Hair loss isn’t the challenge it was in the past. Today, hair restoration specialists can perform safe and effective procedures to regrow or transplant hair. For women, and others who struggle with skin issues, there are numerous products that hide and fix acne, redness, wrinkles, and more. Doing something about these confidence killers is the best way to find freedom.

  1. Continue to Learn

A lack of confidence is often rooted in feeling underprepared for a particular challenge. It’s why you feel out of place when you enter a room filled with people who hold higher degrees or job titles than you. Thankfully, you don’t have to live like this forever.

The best way to overcome confidence issues connected to a lack of preparation is to continue learning and amassing knowledge. The more you learn about your profession, industry, trade, company, and pressing issues in your niche, the more likely that you’ll engage people and grow.

  1. Recognize Accomplishments

Most people have a natural tendency to acknowledge deficits, mistakes, and shortcomings, while ignoring strengths, successes, and accomplishments. This establishes a vicious cycle in your mind that makes you feel like a failure.

In order to boost your self-confidence and find success, you need to place a bigger emphasis on the accomplishments in your life. Spend time thinking about them, prioritizing them, and reveling in the fact that you bring something to the table.

Believe in Yourself 

There isn’t a more cliché piece of advice out there, but you really do have to believe in yourself in order to be successful. Believing in yourself involves examining the very core of who you are and acknowledging that you have power, strength, and worth.

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By tapping into these elements of your character, you can overcome external challenges and claw towards success. And once you experience a taste of self-induced success, you’ll have the confidence that you can do it over and over again.

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