When you’re ready to sell your home and move to another property, your two main priorities are likely to sell your home for the biggest profit possible and to sell your home as soon as you can. If your home sits on the market, not only could you find yourself in some financial hot water, but you may also wind up getting a lower offer than you had wanted or planned on.

To help you avoid both of these issues, here are three tips for selling your home within 24 hours. 

Trust Your Realtor

One of the biggest factors that will contribute to how fast you’re able to sell your home is how you price it. 

While you might want to price your home as high as possible, when you’re trying to sell your house as quickly as you can, you may need to be a bit more strategic. To help you with this, Elizabeth Lang, a contributor to WiseBread.com, recommends that you use a realtor and trust in the list pricing that they suggest you use. Not only will your realtor likely know a lot more about the homes in your area and what they’re selling for, but he or she also has experience working with buyers and sellers to know how they can get your home to be bought quickly. So while it may be challenging to you, try to trust in their expertise when it comes to pricing your home. 

Thoroughly Clean Your Entire Home

If you’re wanting to sell your home within 24 hours of putting it on the market, you’re going to need to ensure that everything looks irresistible to potential buyers. 

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To do this, Jeanine Skowronski, a contributor to MarketWatch.com, advises that you spend some time cleaning absolutely everything in your home, outside of your home, and on your entire property. Even things that you might normally overlook, make sure you clean and repair all the smallest details so as to encourage anyone who comes into your space to start moving in as soon as they can. 

Promote The Sale Beforehand

Sometimes, the work you do before your home even gets put on the market can make the biggest difference in how quickly an offer is made on your home. 

Knowing this, Daniel Bortz, a contributor to Realtor.com, shares that both you and your realtor should work to create some buzz around your property before you even put it on the market. This can be done by posting things on social media, sending out emails to potential buyers, or even holding a moving sale. 

If you’re wanting to sell your home almost as soon as it hits the market, consider using the tips mentioned above to increase the chances of you getting an offer within 24 hours. 

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