With cold and flu season coming up and while we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, it’s more important than ever to do everything in your power to keep your employees safe and healthy while they’re working for you. 

In addition to your typical measure, you may want to make some adjustments that will give everyone you employ the best chance of staying out of the doctor’s office over the next few months. To help you see how this can be done, here are three things you can do to keep your employees healthy in the workplace. 

Keep Sick Employees Out Of The Workspace

The best way to keep your staff from getting sick at work is to keep anyone who may be sick away from your workspace. In previous years, people often came to work sick, whether because they didn’t have the ability to take time off or because they didn’t want to lose their pay for that day. But knowing how important it is to isolate yourself from others when you’re sick, you may want to rethink how you handle sick days with your business.

According to Ashley Stahl, a contributor to Forbes.com, you may want to consider switching to unlimited sick days, offering more consecutive sick days when someone does get sick, or making it easier for people to work from home if they’re too sick to come into work but not sick enough to not be able to work. Depending on your business, your options and decisions will vary. 

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Redouble Your Cleaning Efforts

To keep your employees from picking anything up from being at work, Skye Schooley, a contributor to Business.com, advises that you redouble your cleaning efforts, both as administration and with your individual employees. 

In addition to your normal cleaning routines of basic pest control and surface cleaning, you should also provide more disinfecting wipes or cleaners all throughout your workspace so that you and your employees can wipe down everything they use and touch on a regular basis. 

Encourage Healthier Food Choices

Part of keeping your employees healthy includes encouraging them to practice preventative health in addition to taking measures to not get sick. 

As a part of this, Larry Alton, a contributor to NBCNews.com, suggests that you encourage healthier food choices from all of your employees. To do this, you can model positive behaviors with food and provide healthy options when getting meals for your employees or for yourself. 

If you and your staff are worried about staying healthy in the coming months, use the tips mentioned above to increase the chances of your employees staying healthy while in the workplace. 

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