If you have dreams of moving up the corporate ladder, there will likely come a time where you’ll serve as a manager over other people. While this comes easily to some, others can have a really hard time figuring out how to best manage those on their teams and encourage or motivate everyone to do and be better. But to do well at your job, being a good manager is something you need to figure out.

To help you with this, here are three things you can do to be a better manager. 

Learn What It Means To Be A Leader

To be a great manager, you need to learn how to be a great leader. Sadly, many managers don’t think of themselves as leaders to their teams. Rather, they think that it’s their job to boss people around and strike a certain sense of fear into their team.

Instead of taking this route, F. John Reh, a contributor to The Balance Careers, recommends that you think about what trajectory you and your team need to be on and then figure out how you can take the lead in order to get your team to this destination. If you can lead by example and encourage your team to follow you wherever you go, you’ll be well on your way to being a great manager. 

Build Trust Through Delegation

In order to be an effective manager, you need to be able to build a team that you can trust to execute on the work that needs to get done. 

If you’re more of a type A personality, relinquishing control and allowing others to work when and how they need can sometimes be a real challenge. But in order to build trust with your team and create a unit that can work effectively, Brandon Stapper, a contributor to Forbes.com, shares that you need to learn how to delegate. As you do so, you’ll be able to build a stronger team and better hone your managerial skills. 

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Work On Communication

One of the biggest issues people have with bad managers is that they don’t communicate well with their team. So if you know that you have problems with effective communication, this is one area that you should be giving a lot of your attention.

To help you with this, Kiely Kuligowski, a contributor to Business News Daily, advises that you start by setting clear expectations for your team. Especially if you have a particular goal in mind, you’ve got to let your team know this in no uncertain terms if you ever want them to be able to meet your standards. 

If you want to learn how to be a better manager, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this goal.

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