Video is the single most effective content medium on the internet – and will be for some time. But if you’re going to invest in video, you need to make it worth your time. While there’s a time and place for organic video and live streaming content, your money is best spent professionally producing video that strategically engages viewers and helps you maintain a consistent brand image. 

Over the past decade, one of the most successful video formats has been whiteboard animation. Learning how to utilize it in your digital marketing strategy this year could provide a significant boost. 

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

Almost everyone is familiar with the series of commercials UPS ran back in 2007. The simple 30-second TV spots involve a brand spokesman using a whiteboard and a marker to explain how UPS works and what value it offers customers.

But what you probably didn’t know was that these ads cost UPS more than $35 million to produce. And while you may think that number is crazy, they actually generated an extremely high return on this investment.

Just a couple of years later, a little known startup called Dropbox published its own explainer video as part of its launch strategy. Again, it was a huge success.

“Soon after launching, Dropbox’s whiteboard video generated thousands of new signups every single month,” content marketer Shawn Forno explains. “People quickly realized just how useful cloud storage could be. Digital storage seems obvious now, but in 2009, this explainer video transformed cloud storage from science fiction to reality. Dropbox became the new face of whiteboard animation, and their strategy of simple explanation became the template for tech startups to this day.”

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Today, whiteboard animation videos are as popular as ever. Even digital marketing companies – like Drug Rehab Agency – use whiteboard videos to market their own services. And if professional marketing agencies are using them to grow their businesses, you know they’re effective. 

3 Benefits of Using Whiteboard Animation Videos 

In order to understand the value of whiteboard animation videos, let’s check out some of the reasons why they work. 

  1. Engaging 

Put simply, whiteboard animation videos are magnetizing. When you see one, you almost feel like you have to watch. In an age where attention spans are dwindling and an overexposure to media causes people to tune out, whiteboard videos seem to be increasing in value. That’s enough to make most marketers give it a try. 

  1. Mirror Neurons 

Are you familiar with mirror neurons?

“These are the neurons that fire when you watch someone else do something, but have the feeling that you’re doing it yourself,” animation expert Ezra Carlsen explains. “Italian scholars have theorized that when you watch a hand drawing that your brain reacts as if you, yourself, are drawing the image.” 

  1. Simple to Understand 

When Dropbox was launching, they knew they had to simplify the concept of cloud storage. If they couldn’t break it down into terms that people understood, the company would have flopped from the beginning.

Because of the simplistic nature of whiteboard animation, it was the natural selection for their launch campaign. And it’s for this very same reason that thousands of other brands have tried the same approach over the years. 

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Be On the Lookout for New Strategies

Whiteboard animation videos are popular right now, but history suggests they won’t be effective forever. Always be looking for new strategies and trends so that you can jump on them as quickly as possible. The more relevant your marketing efforts, the more influential they’ll be.

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