Are you a salesperson who relies on selling a product or service for a living? If so, then you need to be the best salesperson you can be in order to make the most of your career and life.

If you want to be an effective salesperson, and one of the best, then keep reading for 15 tips from the Plumbing and Heating sales team.

1) Critical Thinking: Great salespeople don’t just stick to a rote script that walks them through each step of selling their product or service. Rather, they change their sales pitches based on the time, place, and potential client. You have to think proactively and break preconceived notions if you want to seriously give your current sales methods a chance of taking you to new heights.

2) Discipline: If you want to be more effective as a salesperson, all you really need is a disciplined work ethic. Relentless devotion to your sales approach will let you scale the heights necessary to close deals.

3) Charisma: Someone with charisma can create a genuine bond with their potential clients. Customers who work with charismatic sales reps don’t feel like they’re just buying some product or service, but being handed an answer to a need or problem from someone that truly gets them.

4) Resourcefulness: Being resourceful is necessary if you ever want to reach out to target possible clients. You have to utilize every asset you have, and you might have to find even more resources than you currently have in order to find and close deals.

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5) Focus: Effective sales reps are busy. Honestly, even some less-than-effective sales reps are busy too, but the best have enough focus to prevent high volumes of tasks from letting them concentrate on the matter at hand before them in any moment.

6) Competitive Spirit: Truly successful sales representatives are a truly competitive bunch, always looking to be one of the top professionals in their business, if not the whole industry. They aim high and shoot for the stars. Even those that miss out on their full ambitions tend to accomplish wonderful things in life.

7) Passion: Sales reps that genuinely believe in what they sell will make that evident during their sales pitches. Reps who demonstrate passion show they truly know and love what they represent and sell, leading to genuine sales conversations. Veterans of the sales industry will all tell you how crucial passion is in your line of work.

8) Curiosity: Curious individuals seek to broaden their horizons, mentally and physically. They learn more things than others do. That means they’re always looking to learn everything they can about their product or services, the customers interested in such things, and how to bridge connections between the two, which is how sales happen.

9) Confidence: This is honestly a subset of the aforementioned charisma. Truly charismatic salespeople truly believe in themselves, who they work for, and what they sell. High-confidence sales professionals are risk-takers who fearlessly pursue sales without stressing over lost opportunities.

10) Backbone To Their Spirit: Sales reps might have a spiritual backbone that keeps them strong when things get rough or stressful. Following up with endless leads and previous customers who have already said no can be draining. You can’t let it get to you.

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11) Persistence: Regardless of how good a sales rep is, they’re going to be told ‘no’ quite a few times. Persistence is essential when faced with a tsunami of resounding negativity. Professional sales reps have to keep after prospects, always trying new angles.

12) An Open Mind: A huge part of having an open mind is showing eagerness to listen to others. Too many sales reps just bury their prospects with data and facts. If you want a great sales conversation, then you need to be listening more than talking. Isolate the issues that your prospect is having so you can answer them.

13) Honesty: Shameful sales reps give the whole profession a bad rap because they feed their prospects unrealistic claims and even outright lies. Be honest when talking about whatever it is you sell.

14) Be Well-Informed: It’s not enough to know your own product, service, and business. You also need to know all you can about prospects and their particular pain points, so you can address them. Deep research into your prospects helps you find triggers before making a sales pitch. It makes all the difference in the world.

15) Communication: If you can’t communicate effectively, you’re in the wrong line of work. Be able to put together your thoughts in ways that others can understand. If you aren’t concise and clear in everything you communicate, you’ll never make enough sales, if any.

There’s more to sales than just having something to offer. It requires a diverse set of skills and personal characteristics that all synergistically work in concert to make you an effective professional.

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Harness every one of these on their own and then apply them all so you can morph into the high-functioning professional you want and deserve to be. Your bank account and your career will thank you for manifesting your true development and actualisation.

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