5 Ideas for Your Next Entrepreneurial Vacation (and Why You Need One)

All entrepreneurs need to take breaks every now and then. Taking a vacation is psychologically beneficial and, for the most part, will relieve the stress you feel and help you come back to work more motivated and focused. It’s also good for your physical health, putting you in a healthier state of mind and affording you more time to take care of your body. Perhaps most importantly, taking a vacation mitigates your risk of career burnout, giving you a break from entrepreneurship—which, even if you love it, is highly demanding.…continue reading →
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Half of us are struggling to cope with a long term debt problem

A survey has unveiled the chilling economic realities for Britons today. It showed that nearly half of us feel that we are not able to cope on our current income levels. The survey was conducted by the consumer group 'Which?' and it makes for very alarming reading. The findings also…Keep reading
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20th century listed buildings

Think of a listed building and more often than not you will picture a structure that was built centuries ago and yet has — at least partially — stood the test of time. Not all listed buildings are old and archaic though, since a building can make the list if it’s over 30 years old. Join listed building insurance provider Lycetts as they look at some entries on the listed buildings list, which were only built in the latter half of the past century:…continue reading →
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Three Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Bigger and Better

Making an event bigger doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a larger venue, although it can. Smaller events can punch above their weight when they make a big impact and linger in the memories of those who attend.…continue reading →
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5 Reasons People Mistakenly Think CRM Software Is Unnecessary

CRM software isn’t simple, and it’s not cheap. Does that mean you shouldn’t use it? Not by any means. CRM software is one of the most effective tools you could ever use in your marketing campaign.…continue reading →
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Vintonville Business

A Streetwise Approach to Starting and Running a Business

I’m not suggesting that anyone harbouring aspirations of making it in the business world should completely shun the idea of attending business colleges such as Harvard Business School, London School of Business and the likes, but in my humblest opinion one can only really learn about business by being in…Keep reading
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