How to Continue Successfully Running a Business While Disabled

Have you been injured or disabled in some way that prevents you from performing job related tasks that you once handled with ease? As a small business owner, not only is this frustrating, but it can also jeopardize everything you’ve worked so hard for over the years.…continue reading →
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Small Business Loans: What Are Lenders Looking For?

If you’ve never approached a lender before in the hopes of obtaining a small business loan, the process can seem a bit overwhelming. But once you understand what the lender wants from you, it becomes easier to grasp.…continue reading →
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4 Benefits of Making Your Business Remote

In the past, businesses were essentially bound by real estate. Sure, they could host conference calls with international clients or hop on an airplane to visit a customer in another city, but most companies focused on local business. Today, the power of the internet means you can run a very successful business independent of location. …continue reading →
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6 Ways Your Business Can Avoid a Costly Personal Injury Case

From a business perspective, few developments can hurt your financial standing more than a lawsuit in which someone alleges he or she has been mistreated or injured. These situations aren’t always unavoidable,  but they can be prevented in many cases.…continue reading →
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Vintonville McDonald's

Adopting a Nothing-to-Lose Attitude to Get Ahead

Sometimes the difference between resounding success and spectacular failure in the world of business is the attitude and that’s the truth, even though I can hear your eyes rolling around in your sockets as you begin to think about dismissing this post as another one of those motivational mumbo-jumbo messages.…Keep reading
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Business Travel: How To Eat Healthy On The Road

Traveling for business is a regular part of many professional lives.  It is great for the body to get out of the office on occasion, but the way most people eat while they are traveling negates any healthy movement a business trip may require.  continue reading →
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72% of Young Adults Admit Money Regrets

A report compiled by the Money Advice Service has found that 72% of the twentysomethings believe they made numerous mistakes when they embarked on financial independence, which they now regret. The It's Time to Talk: Young People and Money Regrets report, identified that many young people have a "spend today,…Keep reading
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How to Tackle Your Debt Problems

When facing debt problems, it’s important not to suffer in silence. Financial worries will most likely bring you unnecessary shame, as you probably don’t want your loved ones to know your current circumstances. However, wiping on a smile and pretending to both yourself and the world that it’s not happening…Keep reading
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The Importance of Taking Some Time off and Re-Energising

When you’re on a roll and things start falling into place as a direct result of your hard work, it can be very easy to get totally consumed by the moment and just want to keep going 24/7. This is something you especially see when a bunch of people are…Keep reading
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Thinking of Investing in Property? Five Major Financial Questions to Ask Yourself

If you think that scoring passive income via property management is as simple as buying a house and calling it day, you’ve got another thing coming. Sure, the concept of passive income certainly is enticing. Meanwhile, those who find success as property investors can quickly expand their empire once they start gaining traction. Yet as is in the case of any investment, those new to the field need to tread lightly before getting in over their heads.…continue reading →
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