The Aim is to BE Rich Not Look It

For all the frivolous nonsense they often invest their time in, memesters sometimes get it right and create compelling memes that really stir up some constructive introspection at the very least and constructive debate at best. One such meme featured Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and, carried over into some…Keep reading
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An Unlikely Teacher of the True Value of Money

In order to keep things interesting in the working environment I’ve created for my employees, every now and then I rope each of them in for my own equivalent of a team-building exercise. These exercises are always backed by some proven science and psychology since I liaise with the various, suitably qualified professionals in these fields to come up with the programme, so it’s not simply a matter of me winging it and being overly creative.…continue reading →
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Knowing your business finances

Setting up a business is an exciting process but one also strewn with potential pitfalls. Perhaps one of the biggest of these is dealing with finances, especially if figures have never really been your strong point.…continue reading →
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Finance Mistakes too many Small Business Owners are Making

Are you a small business owner? Do you take great pride in making the right financial decisions at all times? Do you realize you have made mistakes in the past, but want to avoid the same in the future? It doesn’t matter if you own a small family business or one that is growing at a rapid pace, it’s imperative that you always have a strong grasp of your financial situation.…continue reading →
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Understanding tax law

Everyone should know the basics of tax law, whether you are a business owner or an employee. Most people are aware that you get into serious trouble if you dodge paying taxes, which is incentive enough to follow the law. If you are fascinated by the many aspects of tax law, you might consider a career in the field. The following is an overview on what tax law involves and how you can get into an exciting tax law career.…continue reading →
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Vintonville Business

A Streetwise Approach to Starting and Running a Business

I’m not suggesting that anyone harbouring aspirations of making it in the business world should completely shun the idea of attending business colleges such as Harvard Business School, London School of Business and the likes, but in my humblest opinion one can only really learn about business by being in…Keep reading
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