Money Worries

Do you need help managing debt

It is easy for debt to get the better of you, but there is help at hand. A debt management is one option that is available to those who are in debt, but is it the right solution for you? There are many factors to consider before entering into any…Keep reading
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4 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Cryptocurrencies

With Bitcoin recently soaring past $10,000, and other coins demonstrating similarly positive returns, the cryptocurrency movement seems to be gaining significant momentum. The possibility of a “mass market” digital economy is no longer mere science fiction, as experienced technologists and fiscal incumbents are betting more and more on this long tail view of blockchain as a vehicle for disruption.…continue reading →
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What is a consolidation loan and is it right for me?

There are many ways to take control of personal debt, from debt management and negotiation right through to more serious solutions such as bankruptcy. One way to ease financial problems is to take out a consolidation loan. So, what is a consolidation loan and is it right for everyone? To…Keep reading
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Bad Credit and Starting a Business: What Are Your Options?

Unfortunately, having a good idea isn’t enough to launch a business. While widespread internet access means the barriers to entry are much lower than they were in previous decades, you still need some amount of money to get your business off the ground. And while it may seem impossible to get started with bad credit, the good news is that alternative options do exist.…continue reading →
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5 important differences between UK and US tax

There are a plethora of differences between the tax systems in the UK and US, and more changes are planned. Here are five for you to bear in mind:…continue reading →
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5 Myths about Online Business Lending

Online loans are a convenient way to get the capital your business needs. Whether you're facing a cash flow problem or want to expand operations, there are numerous online lenders that can supply you with the funds you need. But many business owners shy away from online loans for no good reason. Here are 5 myths about online business lending.…continue reading →
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Active versus Passive Spending and Their Effects

As someone who has basically had no choice but to make a success out of my business endeavours I think I’m in a pretty good position to speak about just how hard it can be. You spend a lot of time chasing income-generation channels only to find that it’s not quite how you imagined it would turn out, but you have no choice but to keep on going.…continue reading →
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4 Things to Remember About Taxes as a Small Business Owner

If you’ve started a business, you’ve probably been focused on things like finding capital, raising profits, and improving your reputation. But don’t forget about taxes and all the obligations that come with it. Taxes are unavoidable, and it’s important to understand that the decisions you make now will significantly impact how much you owe at the end of the year.…continue reading →
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4 Tips For Improving Your Family Finances

Most families are still feeling the impact of the Great Recession. Only 51 percent of Americans said in a recent poll that they believe their households to be financially secure. That means a huge number of families are worried about money, bills, and all the other financial things that make up their day-to-day lives, including the following:…continue reading →
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How To Maximize Your 401K

When you are day trading on the side and you have a civilian job, one of the great benefits is having a 401K plan. You can have a safe, boring investment vehicle as a backup to your chase for volatility. Day trading is all about the search for volatility in order to make quick profits, but it is nice to have a more stable and secure cache of money to stabilize your financial life.…continue reading →
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